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DIY Pool Noodle Frisbee Target

Is there anything you can’t do with Pool Noodles? Check out this super fun Pool Noodle Frisbee Target DIY! The kids will love it!Pool Noodle Frisbee Target

When Summer rolls around there is one thing that I stock up on….Pool Noodles. I swear there are endless creative uses for pool noodles, all of them are fun! We have done Pool Noodle Hurdles, Pool Noodle Light Sabers, and even added to our Kiddie Car Wash. Now we have added to our pool noodle fun with this Pool Noodle Frisbee Target.

Sorry, I don’t have my usual before and after photos. I had so anxious helpers.

Pool Noodle Frisbee Target

Supplies Needed

  • 6 pool noodles
  • duct tape
  • 2 long sticks ( I used 1/4 inch wooden dowels from the craft section)
  • Frisbees (of course)

Blue & Green Pool Noodle Frisbee Target

How to Make Pool Noodle Frisbee Target

Use the duct tape to secure 4 of the pool noodles into circles. You can be as creative as you would like here. Make you target as big or as small as you would like with more or less pool noodles.

Again use the duct tape to tape your circles together and then tape them to 2 long pool noodles for the sides. As pictured.

Place your wooden dowels in the ground where you would like your target set up and just slide the target right over the top of them. I found it works best when the dowels are at least 2 -3 inches in the ground.

Give your kids some frisbees and let them have at it. We have found this is also fun with those foam splash balls too. Especially if someone is standing behind the target.

Frisbee target with kids

Talk about summer fun. This is even perfect for a field day or a birthday party! All together this Pool Noodle Frisbee Target cost me about $10 to make. Not bad for something we are going to use over and over again!

Pool Noodle Frisbee Target in yard

Originally posted in 2016. Updated in 2020

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