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PB&J Waffle Sandwiches

Lunch boxes are coming out of cabinets all over the US getting ready for the first day of school.  Moms are cringing at the thought of what to pack in those lunch boxes.  Never fear!  A Few Short Cuts has some awesome lunchbox ideas to save the day!  Every Tuesday for the next few weeks I will be featuring some really fantastic lunch box food and ideas!  Stuff your kids will go nuts for!

This week, is more of an idea instead of a recipe.  Kids love to have the best lunch at the table.  They can’t get enough when all the other kids want what they are having.  This is a twist on a traditional lunch box staple.  A PB&J waffle Sandwich!  All I did was take 2 freezer waffles and toast them.  I used them as the bread for a PB&J!  My kids loved them!  They were gone in no time.  One amazing positive.  There were no crusts to be left behind! 🙂

My daughter went a little more gourmet with the idea! Instead of jelly, we did sliced fruit in her sandwich!  Nectarines were her fruit of choice today, but you could really pick any sliced fruit. Just add them to the sandwich instead of jelly, and voila! A masterpiece. My kids are so funny, they now fight over the “fancy plate” I take a picture of.  So, that is another reason there were 2 pictures today. 🙂

You can see that pretzels, and carrots were on the menu today too.  You could use Eggos, or any freezer waffle.  I used gluten free Vans waffles, cause that is what was in my freezer.

When it comes to lunches, try to think outside the box (no pun intended).  It doesn’t have to be that different, just imaginative!  Kids love to use there imaginations, and I think they like to see that their parents have one too!

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    I love this idea. I’m making it a little more cost efficient by spending one weekend morning making homemade waffles and freezing them. They toast just like Eggos and I can adjust the ingredients of the waffles to make them a bit more healthy.

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