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School of Fish Lunch Box Idea

Ok,  I am typing this up literally, 10 minutes before I head out the door for Baking with Betty.  (Which is where I am now.)  I wanted to continue my Lunch box ideas series.  I couldn’t leave you hanging.

Instead of a recipe, this is another great idea.  Kids love creativity, they love to use their imaginations, and they love to see their parents can be fun too!  Why not make a tuna fish sandwich, Use a fish cookie cutter, serve goldfish, and blue jello.  VOILA! School of Fish!  🙂

So, in my hurried state, I made this 15 minutes before walking out the door.  Only to realize that my fish cookie cutter is missing…thanks kids.  So, my fish is sad, because I cut it out with a knife, but you get the idea.

Kids are creatures of habit, let’s face it.  They like the same foods over and over, so it makes “being creative” with lunches challenging.  Try thinking outside of the box.  Make themed lunches, like this.  Add fun surprises to the lunch box, like little notes, stickers, anything inexpensive.  My mom used to hide the cereal box toys and sneak them in my lunch box.  Just have fun with it!

Don’t miss my other lunch box ideas.  I think we  have  over a weeks worth now!

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  1. 5 stars
    My son loves to go “fishing” with his lunch sometimes. I give him pretzel sticks, which he dips into peanut butter. He then uses the pb on the end of the pretzel stick to “catch” goldfish crackers.

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