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Why We Decorated for Christmas Early…and I Don’t Feel Guilty

Why we Decorated for Christmas Early and I don't feel guilty

Today is November 11th and we put up our Christmas Tree.

Oh, I can hear the naysayers now. What about Thanksgiving? It’s too early? Why now? Why rush the holidays? I am not ashamed…I am proud!  The reason we put it up today is simple. LOVE!

Christmas is a great celebration of love. We are celebrating the spirit of giving, the spirit of hope, and the joy it brings us all. While those are things I teach my kids year round, the tree adds a hint of magic. There is a feeling of happiness that is overwhelming when you stand back and take it all in. The twinkling lights, all of the handmade ornaments from my babies, and all of the ornaments that were given as gifts from Christmas’ past stir up so many emotions. You can’t help but smile when you look at it.

Our tree is a symbol of our family. It’s about the memories that come flooding back from decorating my Grandma & Pappy’s tree every year. The new memories that I am creating with my kids by spending the afternoon sipping hot cocoa and hanging ornaments. Everyone taking turns to talk about each ornament as we hang them up because they tell a story. Not to mention, the thoughts of so many Christmas’ to come.

Those feelings of joy, hope, love, and laughter shouldn’t be limited for those few short weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas. We should give and spread hope a love year round. That tree, in the corner of my living room, is just a small symbol of something I strive for 365 days a year.

So while you may not put your tree up yet, don’t judge those who decorate early. We have our reason for wanting to extend those feelings of love, hope, and magic for a few more weeks.


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  1. My Mom usually puts her tree up way early. I think it was up before Halloween this year. I can’t remember when exactly. But, she lets the grandkids decorate it while she babysits them and they always love to do it. I figure if you are gonna go to the trouble to put one up, may as well have it up for a decent amount of time.

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