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Where to Find Free Water at Universal Orlando

Don’t pay for that expensive bottled water! Learn where to find free water at Universal Orlando to help you stay hydrated while you are at the park.

Where to Find Free Water at Universal Orlando

OMG! Step away from the $4 bottle of water! I get it! Florida is hot, and walking around a theme park like Universal is no joke in this heat, but you can get free water at Universal Orlando! YES, free! So, save your money for your Harry Potter Wand and learn where to find free water at Universal Orlando.

Where to Find Free Water at Universal

It is a law that public places must provide you will free drinkable water in this Florida heat! I know that Universal makes it easy to find bottled water around every corner, but when you are a family buying 4 bottles every time you turn around that gets expensive FAST! Here are some great alternatives to staying hydrated without breaking the bank. Take these tips from a Universal Orlando Annual Passholder, who has learned a trick or two to save at the park.

Girls with water bottle

Bring Your Own Water

You are permitted to bring in 2 Liters of water into the park in a non-glass container. If you are already carrying a backpack, take advantage. If you don’t want to carry water, at least think about bringing your own refillable water bottle.

Refill Anywhere that Serves Beverages

You can walk into any restaurant or service counter that serves beverages in the park and ask them to refill your water bottle. You don’t even need a bottle. Just ask for a cup of ice water and they will be happy to provide you with one.

We typically do this when we stop to eat, or another great place for a quick refill is The Hopping Pot in Diagon Alley. They usually have a short line and they don’t’ mind getting you a cup of water.

Water Fountains at Universal

Water fountains can be found around the park. You will also see a lot of the coke refill machines. While you can’t get water out of the coke machines, you can get ice without an activated cup with is like gold during the summer.

Confiscos & Starbucks

Boy at water refill station

Confiscos in Islands of Adventure (near the entrance) and Starbucks in Universal Orlando (near Transformers) have water stations set up. They have a stack of plastic cups and an ice water pitcher out and available so you don’t even have to stand in line to ask. Talk about convenience!

(UPDATE) I have heard that Monsters Cafe across from Rip Ride Rocket in Universal Orlando also has a water station set up, but I have not been in to confirm. As soon as I am in the park next, I will take a picture.

It is possible there are more places in the park that do this, these are the two I am familiar with. If you know of more feel free to leave them in the comments and I will add them to this post.

Q is for quan

Q is for Quan, Quan is for Quandary

If you frequent the parks, you know what I am talking about. In the Dr. Seuss section behind Moose Juice Goose Juice, there is a restroom, water fountain, and coke refill machine. It is the perfect trifecta. You can refill your bottle with ice from the coke machine, water from the fountain, and hit the restroom all while taking a shortcut through Dr. Seuss if you want.

While I love bringing my own water bottle, it can be a pain to store in a locker while you are riding rides. We have found it more convenient to take advantage of the free cups of water for that reason. Sometimes those locker lines can get a bit CRAZY! We also love our lanyards (learn how to personalize your own here)  to keep everything handy like our passes, and ids.

I hope these tips help you enjoy your visit to the parks without blowing your budget on water. Don’t forget to cool down on some of the water rides, or take a chance to unwind in a nice cool Hogwarts castle while waiting for The Forbidden Journey.

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    1. Yes I am sure it has. Due to health concerns we have not personally been to Universal in over a year. However, all of the restaurants and dining carts will provide you with a free disposable cup of ice water if you ask. It’s Florida law.

  1. Do you have to stash water bottles in lockers for every ride? Oddly hydration and keeping the expense low has me more stressed than any other aspect.
    Also does the free drink stand water taste better than drinking fountain ๐Ÿ˜

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