How to Make a Pinata on a Budget

Tomorrow my little bitty turns 5.  I am still trying to let it sink in, but she is very excited that she will be a whole hand. I started asking her about her birthday before Christmas.  She kept saying she wanted it to be a surprise, but she really wanted a pinata.  Every conversation we had about her birthday she mentioned a pinata. I very quickly remembered a pin on pinterest from Infarrantly Creative for a paper bag pinata.

So today we gave it a whirl.  All we needed was 2 large paper grocery bags, a hanger, some crepe paper, and a decoration for the center.  Oh…and the most important part.  The filler.

So first things first, put one bag inside of the other and fill with your pinata goodies.  Then fold the top over the hanger and staple to secure shut.  You are going to use the hanger to hang up the pinata.

Now comes the fun part, decorating!  I took the streamers and cut them into strips.  I started taping them onto the bag in rows, overlapping them as I went.

Now for the main center decoration.  You can print a character off the computer, or do what I did and use a paper party plate that matches the rest of our party decor.

I taped the plate to the center and worked the streamers around it to blend it in.

In the end I have a super excited birthday girl that is very happy with her pink butterfly pinata! I would estimate that the pinata itself probably cost me less that $4 to put together.  Then the cost of the goodies to fill it.  Compare that to the store bought pinatas that are about $20 each!

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  1. My kids babysitter is mexican. Well…she is Mexican-American and holds dual citizenship since her daddy was an american who moved to mexico and her mother was Mexican born. Her mother lives with her and also babysits my kids. (Their whole family watches my kids. it’s pretty awesome…they love my children like they are members of their family. it makes me VERY happy)


    Abuela made a pinata for the kids in my daughter’s preschool classroom. It’s actually pretty easy to make. she used a big balloon…you blow it up and to make a traditional pinata you cover it in newspaper soaked in flour&water/paste (Best to coat the balloon in vasoline beforehand) do several layers of that (I tear my newspaper into strips….Maria…la abuelita …. cuts her newspaper pieces into triangles and makes very thin layers. She does about 10-12 layers and it takes a very long time. I use torn strips and make thin layers but I overlap more than she does so I only do 5-7 layers. let it dry overnight between layers. When it’s done you can paint the pinata and then attach the tissue paper or streamers to it to decorate it (You need to deflate the balloon and possibly cut a small hole at the top to put candy in it) Once the pinata is totallycovered in streamers attach party hats with streamers on them along the edge to make it resemble a sun. THIS is the traditional Mexican pinata. :)

    it’s a good idea to paper mache in a loop of string or something strong to hold the pinata while you are at it.

    This method definitely takes WAY longer than the pinata you made here(Which is SUPER CUTE!!!) but is pretty cheap also. Maybe I can get away with the paper bag pinata when we celebrate the girls birthday next month (Her birthday was in october but i didn’t get it together in time for a party) She turned 5 also :)

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