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7 Ways to Reduce Winter Heating Costs

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for the cost! Stay warm and on budget with these 7 Clever Ways To Reduce Winter Heating Costs! You don't have to sacrifice comfort for cost! Stay warm and on budget with these 7 Clever Ways To Reduce Winter Heating Costs!

As the chilly weather rolls in, you might be tempted to turn the thermostat up. After all, you want a way to take the chill off as quickly as possible, right? While turning the thermostat up may be your first thought, however, it may not be the most frugal. Heating bills can soar during the winter months, sometimes spiraling quickly out of control and sending you into debt. Well, the good news is, they don’t have to. Take a peek below at 7 ways to reduce winter heating costs this winter season.

7 Ways to Reduce Winter Heating Costs

1. Go clothing shopping!

While this might seem like an odd suggestion, it can be quite helpful. Having a variety if warm sweaters and sweat pants on hand can keep you from cranking up the heat when the chill sets in. Make sure you have easy access to these clothing items so you can grab them and put them on instead of spending more on heating costs.

2. Gather up the blankets.

Find a decorative basket and fill it with various quilts and blankets. Not only does it make your home look cozy, but it is a great way to stay warm while enjoying your favorite shows. Cuddle under a blanket instead of turning the heat up and see how much you save.

3. Seal those windows

Find some inexpensive and straightforward caulk at your local home improvement store and use it to seal any cracks in windows and window frames. Adding this cheap fix is a great way to keep the cold from coming in, plus it keeps the warm air in too.

4. Reverse your ceiling fans

Most ceiling fans have a reverse button or switch. When you hit this switch, the fan blades will reverse and push air downward. Warm air rises, so the fan will take that warm air and push it back towards your living space. Making this change is a simple way to keep the warm air where you want it.

5. Program your thermostat.

If you are gone for long periods during the day or cover up with tons of blankets at night, set your thermostat to stay at a lower temperature during these times. Programming your thermostat is a great way to save money on heating costs and chances are you won’t even miss it. If you are unsure how Google the name of your thermostat and include the word “how to program” in the search. You are sure to find some helpful information specifically for your brand of thermostat.

6. Call the pros.

If you call your local gas company, they will be happy to share some money saving tips and maybe even send you some literature. Call and explain to them that you would like to lower your bills and they will be happy to help. They may even do a walk-through of your home to find spots where warm air is leaking out or being wasted.

7. Make your draft blocker.

Fill a tube sock with rice and twist the open end closed. Place the heavy weight at the base of your doors where cold air tends to slip in. The weighted sock will block the cold air from coming in, causing your heat to run less often, thus resulting in lower bills.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to stay warm and cozy this holiday season. You don’t need to even put forth that great of an effort, as these tips or so easy and inexpensive to try. So give these fast and frugal tips a try and see how easy it is to heat your space for less.

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