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10 Peanut Free Halloween Treat Suggestions

Do you need some Peanut Free Halloween Treat Suggestions? Check out this list of great ideas before you go shopping for your Halloween TreatsDo you need some Peanut Free Halloween Treat Suggestions? Check out this list of great ideas before you go shopping for your Halloween Treats

Halloween means it is time for lots of sweets and treats, but it can be a scary time of year for any parent who has a child with peanut allergies. Many schools are banning any treats that have peanuts in them, and if you are passing out candy to trick or treaters, you may want to avoid passing out any peanut treats. To play on the safe side, take a look at these 10 Peanut free Halloween treats suggestions so that you can offer kids something enjoyable without any health risks.

10 Peanut Free Halloween Treat Suggestions

1. Chewing gum

Kids love gum, and you can find it in all sorts of flavors and varieties. Choose from individually wrapped gumballs for a quick and easy hand out, or add packs of gum to goody bags.

2. Hard candy/flavored mints.

There are so many hard candy varieties out there, and just about all of them come pre-wrapped. Choose from flavored hard candies and mints, perfect for passing out or adding to Halloween gift bags and treat bags.

3. Licorice.

Kids love licorice, and it won’t pose any problems to kids with peanut allergies. You can find mini snack packs of licorice at most grocers, which are perfect for passing out to the witches and ghosts that visit your house on Halloween. Keep in mind that licorice is not gluten-free.

4. Gummy candies.

Who doesn’t love gummy candy? You can choose from snack packs of gummy bears, gummy words, even gummy pumpkins. These are peanut free and perfect for kids with diet restrictions. They can also be used in your Halloween baking to top of cupcakes and cakes.

5. Pencils.

Your local dollar store will sell Halloween and fall-themed pencils around the Halloween season, so grab a pack for two for a buck to add to classroom goodie bags. Not only are they a sugar-free alternative, but teachers will love you for it!

6. Halloween erasers.

Your local dollar store will also offer Halloween erasers, perfect for adding to classroom treat bags. They are not just a great peanut-free alternative but a great sugar-free alternative too. Kids will love using them.

7. Smarties.

Smarties have never gone out of style, have they? They are a sweet treat that kids love, and you don’t have to worry about peanuts or melting chocolate. Consider Smarties for trick or treaters instead of expensive chocolate.

8. Fruit snacks.

Fruit snacks tend to be a bit healthier than chocolate, and of course, you don’t have to worry about nuts. Grab snack size packs to add to treat bags or to pass out to neighborhood kids. You can also add these into Halloween lunches.

9. Taffy.

Taffy comes in so many flavors and colors, and it can be the perfect treat for anyone with a peanut allergy. Look for assorted, pre-wrapped taffy that can be passed out to trick or treaters or used at classroom parties.

10. Dried snacks.

Consider snack packs of chips when hosting classroom parties or even home parties during the holiday season. You can find chips, pretzels, crackers and more.

Consider this list of peanut free Halloween treats when you are planning your Halloween shopping this year. They are sure to be enjoyed by everyone, and won’t pose a threat to anyone who can’t enjoy treats with peanuts in them. As you can see there is a huge variety to choose from, so you are sure to find something that works for you!

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