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5 Lemon Summer Drinks


I love finding new healthy drinks for me and my family! I received these great recipes in my inbox that include Limoneira Lemons and Switchel. I love lemons and use them in everything, but I never knew what Switchel was….so I went off to read more!

Switchel is a beverage made with ginger, apple cider vinegar, and Vermont maple syrup. That just sounds healthy and delicious! Switchel is an old Amish drink that they use to serve during haying and other strenuous activities, used to quench thirst and restore electrolytes. It’s their form of Gatorade. I love that it is all natural!

Check out these great Summer Drink Recipes. You can find more about Switchel and where to find it here. If you are looking for more info about amazing Limoneira Lemons you can find great recipes, tips and more on their site.

Lemon Summer Drinks:

1. Switchel Over Ice with a Lemon
Put a handful of cubes in a cup.  Cut lemon wedge from a fresh Limoneira lemon and squeeze smoothly over the ice.  Pour Switchel over ice.  Feel the ginger spread and soothe throughout the body as the apple cider vinegar and lemon enlighten your mind.

2. Switchel and Seltzer
Put a handful of cubes in a cup.  Cut lemon wedge from a fresh Limoneira lemon and squeeze that puppy all over the ice and then just let it drop into the cup.  Pour 3 parts seltzer over the ice first and leave room for 2 parts Switchel.  Adjust ot taste.  Fill to the brim and slam that drink down.

3. Hot Switchel – Health Bonus!

Heat up Switchel (like water for tea) in a pot.  Add fresh lemon.  Consume.  Will do wonders for the common cold or upset stomach.

“21 and Older” Summer Cocktails:

4. Switchel Shandy
Go 50/50 beer and Switchel over ice with a lemon. You can use many types of beer to suit your own taste buds, though we suggest a light crisp lager or pilsner. Most refreshing drink on the planet, if we do say so ourselves (and we do).

5. Switchel Spritzer
3 parts Sauvignon Blanc or Rosé to 1 part Switchel, squozen (freshly squeezed) lemon and a dollop of simple rhubarb syrup. Serve over ice or very cold!


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