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5 Ways to Gain An Hour For Yourself

You need to take good care of yourself, but it isn't always easy to find time! Check out these 5 Ways to Gain An Hour For Yourself, and put yourself first.

I am all about making time for yourself, but I am the first person who would be like, “Where am I going to find time?” If you really stop and think it is just plain sad. There are 24 hours in a day and we are so involved in life, and the lives of others, we have to find time to give ourselves 1 hour. It is time to start making time for YOU. Right now.


I decided to write down 5 ways to gain an hour for yourself. Kind of as a way to remind myself of all the ways that I waste time during the day.  I am then left with an entire hour to go for a walk, read a book, or just sit in peace and quiet in the bathtub. Basically….me time, to do whatever I please.

5 Ways to Gain An Hour For Yourself

Limit Social Media 

How many times in a day do you really look at Facebook? Be honest! Or even worse…PINTEREST. It’s time to set limits for yourself. Put restrictions on your social media use for a few days and see how much time you gain back. You may be surprised at just how much time is being wasted, staying connected. I got this awesome device before Christmas to keep tabs on the kids and I was shocked when I kept tabs on myself too.

Get Organized

Make a to-do list. You would be shocked at how this simple act can shave so much time off of your day.  It is easy to get sidetracked and not stay on task. Don’t have a paper and pencil handy? Use on of the many notepad or reminder apps on your phone.

Wake Up Earlier

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, but waking up as little as 30 minutes earlier helps you get a head start on your day. Use that time to get things done before the kids get up, or simply use that as your “me time” in the morning.

Don’t Try to Be a Superhero

You CAN NOT do it all. There I said it. The bandaid has been ripped off. As much as you would like to think that you can do it all, you are only one person. DELEGATE. While you are making that to-do list for yourself, dish out some to-dos to others. Send your hubby your grocery list, or tell the kids they are in charge of kitchen clean up. Whatever it is, it will be ok if someone else does it for one day.

Take ShortCuts

Little ways to save time appear throughout your day. Shortcuts don’t have to take away from the quality, but can help you regain time that you thought was lost.

  • Instead of stopping by Sam’s Club for those paper towels order them from Amazon and have them delivered..better yet, use subscribe and save so you don’t have to remember to order them next month.
  • Make conscience choices while you are running errands; Gas station next to the dry cleaners? May as well knock them both out at once.
  • Throw dinner in the crockpot (try some of these crockpot recipes) instead of stressing over what is for dinner at 4:59pm. In fact, double the recipe and have the other half another night.
  • Making muffins, double the recipe and freeze some for a quick breakfast on a busy morning.
  • and so many more tips & tricks

I hope these 5 Ways to Gain An Hour For Yourself have opened your eyes to see that you can squeeze a few more minutes out of your day. Do you have a trick to making more time for you? Share it in the comments below.

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