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9 Affordable Family Fun Ideas for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to incorporate some family fun! Here are 9 fun and inexpensive ways to enjoy family time this fall. 

Quality family time is extra important as the weather gets chillier and kids are back in school. We plan on making the most of this autumn by doing all these activities with our family. They are super fun and cozy while also being super affordable. All it takes is a little bit of effort to make this the most fun fall ever for you and your family!

Movie Marathon

It’s so nice to host a movie marathon with the whole family! There’s nothing like getting cozy at the end of the day to watch a good movie together. Some of our favorite movies, like Harry Potter and Hocus Pocus, take place in the fall! These films aren’t too spooky and are perfect for watching around Halloween with your family. 

You can also check out this list of 13 Halloween Movies every family should own!


This is another cozy activity the whole family will love! Since the temperatures are dropping, you can all get comfy by the bonfire with blankets and snacks. We recommend classic s’mores.

If you want to go the extra mile with family fun, turn the bonfire into a scary story competition! Have everyone prepare a spooky story before the bonfire, and then go around sharing tales on the night of all the fun. A bonfire is the perfect atmosphere for telling ghost stories.

Game Nights

Host a family board game night! Game nights are such a fun way to get kids off their phones and share time as a family. So, prepare some snacks, turn on some music, and let the competition begin! Here are 15 fun board games every family should own, in case you are looking for inspiration!

Decorate Pumpkins 

These DIY Pumpkin Lanterns are so cute and easy!

Carving Jack ‘O Lanterns is an essential part of the fall experience. It is an annual activity in our family, and we look forward to it every year. It is the most classic form of pumpkin decorating, in our opinion. What is spooky though, is that most people have no idea how many other ways there are to decorate a pumpkin! 

If you have little kids and want to safely include them in the fun without carving, you could have a pumpkin painting party! It just takes a little acrylic paint and some imagination. Some cute and easy ideas include: the classic triangle face, little ghosts, sunflowers, or bats. These look so cute displayed around the house!

Additionally, you could try making pumpkin lanterns. These are great if you aren’t as artistically inclined. Just hollow out your pumpkin, drill some holes in it, and add your light to the center. They look so cool once it is lit up! Here is a great how-to guide by Design Love Fest.

Visit a Park

This is another fun and affordable way to enjoy fall as a family. Fall is our favorite time to go visit parks since the weather is perfect and it’s less crowded than in the summertime. We love to walk along the nature trails and swing on the swing sets. So, wherever you are, there are so many state and local parks to explore!


Geocaching is such a unique and fun fall activity to do with the whole family!

This activity is a new favorite of ours! Geocaching is essentially a treasure hunt using GPS, where people look for caches or hidden stashes of treasure. It could even turn into a game of hide-and-seek, where you look online for clues.  

Geocaching is great for families with older kids, as it is a little bit more involved than a trip to the playground. Still, it is a fantastic way to get outside and explore nature while also looking for treasure! Many local and state parks will host their own geocaching events, so keep a lookout for any in your area. For more information, click here to read the article by National Geographic.

Host an Autumn Picnic

Fall is such an excellent time to be outside. The weather is crisper, fewer bugs are around, and the trees are beautiful. Packing a fall picnic with your family is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and spend time together. Check out our post on Planning the Best Picnics Year Round for some extra tips and tricks that will help you have the cutest fall picnic ever!

Apple Picking or Pumpkin Patch

Kids in pumpkin patch

If you are lucky enough to live someplace where apple picking is available, we highly recommend you take advantage of that! It is such a wholesome fall activity, and the results are absolutely delicious. Somehow the apples just taste better when you’ve picked them yourself. If you pick too many to eat all at once, try making this incredible Instant Pot Apple Butter.

If your state doesn’t have apple orchards, you could visit a pumpkin patch. Picking out the perfect pumpkin is a fun activity everyone enjoys. If you chose to carve out your pumpkin to make a Jack O Lantern, try roasting the seeds to make this delicious and autumnal Pumpkin Spice Granola!

Decorate the House

Decorating the house for fall is a perfect rainy-day fall activity to do with your family. To get the whole family involved in decorating, try doing one of these 7 Cozy Ideas to Decorate for Fall Under 15. You could do so many fun craft projects and activities with your family to make your house look extra cozy and cute. 

What are your fall family fun favorites? Share in the comment below.

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