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Curled Paper Spring Flowers Kids Craft

Pull out the construction paper and scissors for the kids. Time to make these fun and beautiful Curled Paper Spring Flowers. Such a fun Kids Craft. 

Curled Paper Spring Flowers Craft

April Showers bring May Flowers, but you don’t have to wait until May to have beautiful flowers. Pull out the craft supplies and sit down with your kids to make these fun Curled Paper Spring Flowers. It is a kids craft that will keep them busy creating their own beautiful garden on paper.

What You Need

Construction paper and paper cutter

How to Make Curled Paper Spring Flowers

Colored Paper Strips

Cut paper into ½ to 1 inch strips, depending on how thick you want each flower. This is where the paper cutter comes in handy. It makes life so much easier to cut up the strips.

paper around pencil

Wrap the paper strips around a pencil to create the curls. Using different sized pencils or markers will give you different sized curls.

Stems on paper

Also cut thin strips for stems and cut leaf shapes. (You can cut two at once by folding the paper in half and cutting along the seam. Kids love to draw their own leaves and cut them out. It’s part of the fun.

Curled Paper Flower assembly

Create a flower by gluing the stem and leaves to a plain sheet of paper. Add puddles of clear glue where you want to place the flower curls. Place the curls on top of the glue and press the curls down. Hold them there for a minute while they adhere.

Curled paper spring flowers

Finish adding as many petals as you want. Allow to dry completely before displaying.

What to do with Curled Paper Spring Flowers

These adorable curled paper spring flowers would be a perfect addition to a spring or easter card. They are also so much fun to just have your child make to adorn your fridge with art. Get creative with them and make them into a craft that your family will love.

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