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DIY Fish Net Stuffed Animal Storage

Creative idea for a kids room. Go with an ocean theme and try this DIY Fish Net Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

I recently redecorated my youngest daughters bedroom. She wanted an under water theme.  Just bubbles, fish, etc. She is my lover of stuffed animals! I don’t think you quite understand. They have names….they all have names.  It isn’t unusual for her to come out to the living room and the conversation to sound like this.

Her: Have you seen James?”

Me: Who’s James?

Her: Mom….you know who James is.  He is that little yellow kitty stuffty.  He was on my bed and now I can’t find him.

Me: Check under your bed.

Needless to say, I haven’t gotten brave enough to get rid of any of them.  She loves them. She plays with them everyday, and they are part of her world right now. I love her creativity, and I am trying to embrace the stuffties too!

DIY Fish Net Stuffed Animal Storage

The stuffed animals, although loved, needed contained. They needed to be accessible and out of the way.  I found the Fish Netting.  It was HUGE! I cut it in half and found an unused corner of her room. I had some cup hooks and I put them in the wall every 6-8 inches down each side. I allowed the fish net to drape at the top a little for effect. It looks like they have all been captured.

The best part. She can reach them. She can pull the stuffed animals out of the bottom, or unhook the sides for them all to tumble out. Then just rehook and toss them all in the top when she is done. We had one of those nets that hangs up high in the corner of her room before, and this is so much better! I am so glad we have this now. One of my best ideas.!

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