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DIY Pinecone Gnome Christmas Ornaments

Looking for an adorable DIY Ornament to adorn your tree? Check out these DIY Pinecone Gnome Christmas Ornaments. Fun to make with the whole family!

Diy Pinecone Gnome Christmas Ornament

Rustic, farmhousy, and so much fun to make with the family! These Pinecone Gnome Christmas Ornaments bring a little bit of the outside in and turn it into Christmas magic. Decorate your families, Christmas tree with these adorable little ornaments.


Craft supplies

How to Make

Gnome ornament step 1

These are so so simple. As you can see in the picture in the “what you need” section. You need to cut your felt in a rounded triangle shape.  You can actually cut a circle and then cut it into 4ths if you are making multiple ornaments.

The size is really dependent on the size of your pinecones. You want enough felt to make a cute gnome hat. Feel free to test it with a piece of paper before you cut the felt for a bit of a template.

** For reference my pinecones were about 3.5 – 4 inches tall and my felt triangles straight sides were roughly 4 -4.5 inches.

Lay out your pinecone in the center of the triangle and shape the felt around to make a hat. Once you have the position right, use your hot glue gun to glue it together and in place.

Cut a 2 inch piece of ribbon and hot glue it to the top of your hat for an ornament hanger if you are leaving the hat pointy. If you are planning on folding it down, wait until later.

Pinecone Gnome Ornament assembly

Now, simply hot glue on the wooden bead right below the hat for the nose.

Pinecone Gnome Christmas Ornament

Then, hot glue on a little pom pom or decoration to the top of the hat. You can add more, but I think these look so cute just simply done.

DIY Pinecone Gnome Christmas Ornaments

Looking for the gnomes with the folded cap? Just fold it over with your hands and hot glue it in place. Then add your ribbon hanger on the back of your gnomes hat.

Finished Product

Pinecone Gnome Christmas Ornaments

These are so cute hanging on the tree. They add a rustic, classic, bit of personality to your tree. A great addition if you have a farmhouse vibe (Thanks Chip & Jo).

Other Uses

These ornaments are also insanely adorable on a wreath, tied to a package, or just made to hide around the house as decor for the holidays. Everyone will love them.

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