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DIY Jellyfish Decorations

Simple DIY Jellyfish Decorations. Great for birthdays or an under water themed room. #craft

I made these a while back, and I am just getting around to typing up the post, but what better time than summer to talk jellyfish?! 🙂

My littlest wanted an under the sea room.  So we went crazy with bubbles on the walls, aquarium and more.  It really turned out so cute, but her favorite part was these jellyfish! I am glad she loves them because I had enough hot glue burns on my fingers for  an army by the time I was done. I am not the most graceful crafter, but I get the job done. 😉

DIY Jellyfish Decorations-1-2

You will need.

  • Paper Lanterns
  • Hot Glue/Gun
  • scissors
  • Ribbons & tulle (your choice of colors)
  • Fishing line to hang them.

DIY Jellyfish Decorations-2

Open up a lantern. Use scissors to cut off the bottom 1/3.  Now comes the fun part! Get out the hot glue gun and start decorating.  I glued the tulle around the bottom edge. Then I began to glue the ribbons around the inside of the lantern hanging down. I alternated a couple different ribbons. When I was done and it was dry, I used some fishing line through the brackets already in the lantern to hang them up.

DIY Jellyfish Decorations-1

At my house, the more sparkles the better. I found some great ribbons at the craft store to pick from.  I hung several jellyfish at different heights over her bed. The ceiling fan blows them just enough to make them sway back and forth in the evenings. The best DIY ever for this Nemo lover.


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