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FREE Kids Planner Printable – Fits in Binder!

Get organized this school year with this Free Kids Planner Printable. BONUS is it Fits in a 3 Ring Binder, and it is customizable.

I have tried to teach my kids to stay organized because we are genetically a family of procrastinators. I am convinced, at this point, it has to be a genetic trait. LOL. Over the years, I have tried and failed at different things that could help us stay more organized. When I couldn’t find what I wanted online, I decided to take matters in my own hands. I made this Free Kids Planner Printable, and I hope that they help you and your family too!

What is in the Kids Planner Printable?

Kids Planner

In this printable, you will find a

  • Weekly Calendar with plenty of room for assignments and more.
  • Blank Monthly Calendar that you can fill out no matter the month or year.
  • School Year Calendar for 2019-2020 for reference
  • Weekly Reading Log for those that need to keep track of their reading progress.

I tried to be mindful that everyone’s needs will vary. The pages allow a lot of room for flexibility, and you can print them as you need them.

All of the planner pages are full 8 1/2 x 11 size sheets. These can be three-hole punched and added to an existing binder, so your kids aren’t carrying around an extra planner.

Kids Planner Tips

Planner pages with stickers


These planner pages are all customizable. Which makes them great for any age! You can find planner stickers at so many office supplies and craft stores. Plus, you can even print and cut your planner stickers if you have a Vinyl Cutter like a Silhouette or a Cricut. Etsy is another great resource for unique planner stickers. I am planning on sharing some free planner sticker cut files soon.

The stickers will help your kids get involved with their planner and make it something they will use over and over again.

Set the Example

Set an example for your kids. Kids learn by watching. If you have a planner and set goals for yourself, your kids will be more receptive to do the same thing.

Monthly Meeting

At the beginning of a new month print new weekly pages, and set up the monthly calendar with your child. Talk about what is going on that month, set new goals, and communicate about what is going on. Just having a quick monthly meeting keeps everyone in the loop, it opens up communication and reinforces staying organized. Make your meeting fun by making a special treat, or having a movie night afterward.

Great for Teachers

I know that some schools offer planners for kids, and some don’t. Share this printable with a teacher. It is an excellent freebie that they can print and share with their students. Plus, it is reusable year after year. That is one reason I love it so much.

Free Kids Planner Printable Download

Free Download

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