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Free Summer Screentime Printable

I great way to set boundaries for screentime this Summer! Snag this Free Summer Screentime Printable Checklist for your family.

I am sharing this Summer Screentime printable list I made for my kids this year. I thought it might be a help to someone else who has the same struggles I do. In our house, I am the first one to admit that my kids have boundary issues when it comes to screen time. You give them a little and they take a lot. This is something that we are working on as a family.

I know what you are thinking. Just take the electronics away. Trust me, I do, but with so many educational resources and school work being available I still have them available if needed. So my solution is to lead by example and teach my kids to be responsible. How to monitor their time and use it wisely throughout the day.

This Summer Screentime list is not as a flat out rule list, but more as a reminder of everything that they can do during the day that isn’t screen time! It is really hard not to get distracted by those darn iPads and video games during Summer Break! I want them to remember to be kids and have fun while also not letting their responsibilities slide. Of course, even after they have taken care of this list I still set reasonable time limits so they don’t spend too much time on a screen.

Summer Screentime Printable

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