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How to Make Chalkboard Paint

Check out this simple way to make Chalkboard paint with any paint you have on hand. AWESOME!

I love chalkboard paint. I have paid for the expensive cans of it on many occasions. It wasn’t until recently that I learned this trick that will save me a pure fortune! You can make you own chalkboard paint out of any paint you have. It is frugal, and easy. I LOVE IT!

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I have a couple projects I am working on right now for my 5 year old bedroom re-do.  I love to make surfaces that she can doodle on.  All you need is some non-sanded powdered tile grout or powdered wall plaster, and your paint.  That is it. A good ratio to use is 1 part grout to 8 parts paint. Mix well and paint as you normally would. I recommend painting 2 coats for even coverage.

Once dry, Get your chalkboard ready for drawing by rubbing the board with chalk. Wipe it off with a dry towel in circular strokes. After that you are good to go!

The sky is  the limit with this simple recipe.  Paint furniture, walls, and more without spending a fortune!

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  1. Sweet! I’ve wanted to try out chalk paint, but it’s always too expensive. This is much more manageable. Thanks for the heads up!

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