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Jingle Bell Ornament Craft : Easy & Kid Friendly

Get crafty this Christmas and make this simple but adorable Jingle Bell Ornament Craft. Perfect to add a little something extra on a gift!

Jingle Bell Ornament with red and green bells

During the holidays we love to make ornaments. When the kids were little we used them to decorate their own tree. Now that they are a little older, we make Christmas Ornaments to add to gifts. They are a fun addition to the gift tag on any package. This Jingle Bell Ornament with its beautiful color and sound brings magic to the holidays.


pipe cleaners, jingle bells, and ribbon

These are very simple. You will only need

You will also need scissors.


bells on pipe cleaner

Thread jingle bells on to chenille stems, leaving room on each end to twist the chenille stem ends together.

Circle of bells on pipe cleaner

Bend chenille stems into desired shapes.

Small wreath of bells with ribbon.

Attach decorative ribbon, if desired. Perfect for hanging


Ribbon tied in bowl on jingle bell ornament
  • If you are having a hard time threading the bells. You can wrap a small piece of scotch tape around the end of the chenille stem. This creates a shoelace like end which can make threading easier.
  • Circles aren’t the only shape. Get creative and bend your chenille stems into any shape you want.
  • Add these adorable ornaments to gifts or packages for a little extra Christmas spirit.
  • Add in some extra pizazz with cute buttons, different ribbons, or any holiday flair that makes you happy!

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