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LunchBox Ideas: Book Worms & Other Creepy Crawlies


Tomorrow is the first day of school for my babies.  I wanted something fun, memorable, and nutritious in their lunch box. We laugh that they are little Book Worms because both of them love to read, so I took the theme and ran with it.


For the Main course I made “Worm Salad”.  All it is is spaghetti noodles, diced chicken, and veggies of your choice.  I chose sugar snap peas and diced tomatoes.  Toss it with their favorite dressing.  My kids can eat their weight in this stuff! Of course…you can use gluten free pasta!


Grapes are a fun addition to any lunch, but these caterpillars are almost too cute to eat.  All I did is take a plastic drinking straw and pushed the grapes on it.  After I added three grapes I cut the straw with a pair of scissors.  Take some dry spaghetti noodles and break them into small pieces for the antenna and the legs.  These are so stinking adorable!


Last but not least these snack butterflies are so much fun for snack time or for the lunch box.  You can put anything inside a sandwich sized ziploc.  Just pinch in the middle with a clothes pin…draw on a face, and you have a butterfly!  These are a great preschool snack too.

If you really want to keep going with the theme, take a piece of construction paper and wrap the juice box.  Label it “BUG JUICE”, maybe draw a beetle or 2.  This idea is perfect for your little bookworms, or a great idea to save for Halloween.  My kids love a buggy lunch!

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