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Going Gluten Free (POST 1)

I am doing a series of posts on Going Gluten Free! My personal experience, products we have found that taste the best and work for us, and how we manage everyday situations (restaurants, parties, etc).  I am breaking it down into multiple posts, because it is really a lot of information.  I hope you can learn something from my families experiences.  Please, feel free to share your stories, and experiences!

Our experience

I want to share with you my experience of how we have dealt with my son’s wheat allergy.  Even though wheat allergies and intolerances are becoming more common, it is still difficult to live with.  I will share with you what we have found that works for our family and hopefully is helpful to you.

My son was diagnosed with a Wheat allergy when he was 3 1/2 .  Strangely enough, it isn’t until the age of 3 or older that children begin to show signs of an allergy.  I use the term diagnosed loosely.  The doctor did a blood allergy test to see what was causing his breathing problems.  The most concerning to the doctor was mold, and cat.  When I asked about his reaction to Wheat, I was told that it wasn’t anything to worry about, as long as it wasn’t causing him stomach problems.

My son is extremely picky.  The kid lives on things like peanut butter and jelly, and hotdogs.  Really!  He is crazy picky.  After we did everything we could to eliminate mold and everything else that could possibly irritate his breathing, I remembered the wheat.  This is where my experience with my daughter’s milk allergy came in handy.  I knew what food allergies could do to kids.  So, we decided to take the leap and cut out wheat.   Little did I know how difficult and expensive it would be.

My son was sick for two weeks.  I laughed and said he is going through withdrawals.  That is what it was like.  He was tired, fevered, cranky, the whole nine yards.  It was like he had a severe flu.  I was tempted to go back; to stop the whole process.  I thought, “How could I be helping him?”  It was as hard on me as a mother to watch my son get sick like that just because I wouldn’t feed him wheat.  Then it registered with me that there was a reason he was sick.  His body was having a reaction to the wheat.

After two weeks he began to bounce back.  He accepted his allergy, and we started finding alternatives.  That was so challenging!  You have to know what substitutes taste the best, and are available to you.  If he eats wheat now, in just small amounts he gets a headache, his eyes swell, and his behavior does a complete 180.

Although I know it would be best for all of us, my son is the only one in our house on a wheat free diet.  The gluten free products are so expensive. It is really a shame because they really shouldn’t cost more.  Companies are taking advantage of this “special need.”  When a loaf of bread costs over $5 that is ridiculous!  We do all enjoy a gluten free brownie, or cake though! 🙂

I have found so many great products that are wheat free and gluten free! Come back Thursday to see my second post on how to go Gluten Free and the wonderful products we have discovered!

In the mean time you might want to check out some of my gluten free recipes!

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  1. I am really looking forward to your next segment. I have some experience with gluten intolerance. My mom has been Celiac Sprue for over 20 years. My son was diagnosed last year, but doesn’t seem to want to follow the diet. I agree with you that it is WAY MORE expensive that it needs to be. Hi symptoms seem to be stomach pain after eating, irritability and weight loss.

    1. It is hard to follow the diet. My son is young enough that we were able to switch it very easily! We have found some great tasting substitutes for everyday foods that work out great! I will post about all of them Thursday night!

  2. My daughter was finally diagnosed this year by her Pediatric Chiropractor, her actual Pediatrician ran a battery of allergy test the fist round came up negative for common allergies & the 3rd only showed a gluten sensitivity, after 3 yrs. she finally referred us to a Gastroenterologist who did celiac testing & an endoscopic procedure both came up negative.
    Against the opinion of others we took the advice of her Chiropractor & put her on a wheat, gluten & soft cheese free-diet & she has not had any stomach cramps & vomiting in 4 months. The Doctors can not tell me my child is not Gluten intolerant! She is a whole new child, her hair & nails are growing faster than ever & no more crying in the middle of the night w/ sweats. This fall she will start Kindergarten & I am so happy we discovered this finding before school started, we have to be good advocates for our kids… the medical field failed us, but I did not give up… as Moms we know when our children are suffering, and it’s blogs like yours that got my wheels turning & that I am so thankful to be able to refer to for all the advice & yummy recipes!
    Thank you A Few Shortcuts!
    Angela Wyatt

    1. Angela,

      I am glad your daughter is doing better! It is amazing the night and day difference one food can cause! My so will too be starting Kindergarten this year! I can’t wait to see him learning this year! It makes me smile to think about the progress he has made!

      For some reason in this country doctors would rather treat the symptoms instead of the illness which is crazy if you ask me. You think they would want to solve the problems. I have learned not to be so trusting of physicians and to question everything. They are just human and make mistakes too. The next post will have a huge list of products we have found that we love! I hope you find some new favorites! 🙂

  3. We don’t have any gluten allergies in our family, but I wanted to chime in. If any of the people that have gluten allergies in their family live near an Earth Fare, they have a huge selection of gluten free products.

  4. I am 20 years old and just in the last year finally figured out that I have celiacs or a gluten allergy. I have problems with my stomach and digestion my whole life but when I was a child gluten was not seen as such a big problem. I was told I just IBS and a lactose allergy. When nothing they did worked I researched for myself and talked to my doctor and then completely cut gluten out and within two weeks I felt a thousand times better. I still eat gluten sometimes and pay for it later. Gluten free is really expensive and it has been a hard adjustmet to make.

  5. I am so excited to see your GF recipes! Several members of my family has celiac so GF is not new to my thinking, but it is new to my personal lifestyle. I have always had stomach issues but was not diagnosed with celiac. However, I do have a wheat sensitivity. I have felt for many years this was an issue. I finally have decided to go GF with the encouragement of a friend. Its only been two days. I think I can do this, I am just going to have to learn how to plan better. Thanks for the great recipes! Cannot wait to try the pumpkin muffins!

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