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How to Host a Gift Wrapping Party

Don’t let gift wrapping be a chore! Learn how to host a Gift Wrapping Party and turn it into holiday fun!

Don't let gift wrapping be a chore! Learn how to host a Gift Wrapping Party and turn it into holiday fun! | @AFewShortcuts #christmas #party #tips #hacks #holidays

The holiday season can be stressful, and finding time to get all of your gift giving tasks done can be a challenge. Once you have spent so much time buying holiday gifts, the last thing you might feel like doing is wrapping them. This year instead of dreading this task, why not turn it into a party? A gift wrapping party can be just what you need to get the job done and have some fun in the process. Here is what you need to know about hosting your own gift wrapping party!

How to Host a Gift Wrapping Party

1. Find some frazzled friends who need a break, too.

Talk to some friends and find out who else could benefit from such a gathering. You can let friends know via a simple text or send online invitations to keep things simple. Pick a date and time that works well for everyone else and is still well ahead of Christmas Day so you aren’t rushing.

2. Let guests know what they should bring.

Ask each guest to bring their gifts, 2-3 rolls of wrapping paper to share with other guests, and any gift tags they may want to use. If they have scissors they really like to use they can bring those too. Finally, ask each guest to bring a snack to share. This way, you can munch while you wrap gifts!

If you wish, you can print out free printable gift tags online prior to the party. This is a great way to get the tags you need for free!

*TIP* Wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club have huge rolls of wrapping paper for around $10 that will go a long way!

3. Make simple preparations ahead of time.

As the hostess, you can provide basic items such as scotch tape, additional scissors, and beverages. With your guests bringing snacks and wrapping paper, you should have everything you need! Head to the dollar store for plates and napkins, additional rolls of paper, and simple holiday decor if you wish. Plastic table covers can help protect surfaces while you wrap, and even dollar store candy can be a nice touch when used as a centerpiece!

4. Set your space.

Before the party begins, set out folding tables and chairs so guests can wrap gifts with ease. Use mason jars to hold scissors and pens for writing tags. Set up a small area for snacks and beverages to go, and don’t forget to turn on the Christmas music or a Christmas movie! Create a simple and relaxing set up that isn’t too formal or fussy.

(Check out this list of 25 Christmas Movies Every family should own!)

5. Start the party!

Once guests arrive, getting the party going will be easy. Give guests their space to wrap gifts and tag them. Enjoy snacks while you wrap, and take the time to socialize. When the party is over, guests will have gifts wrapped and ready for presentation.

Planning your own gift wrapping party can be a cinch, and a great way to spend time with friends during the holiday season! Give these tips for hosting a gift wrapping party a try, and see how fun it can be to knock another task off your list!


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