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Mothers Day Gift Craft: Pedestal Picture Frames

Mothers Day Pedestal Picture Frame

For $3, a little bit of hot glue, a cute picture, some time, and a lot of love you can make Mom one of these adorable Pedestal Picture Frames for Mothers Day!

2013-04-26 13.13.41

Head to the dollar store, thrift store, or your own closets and snag a candle stick holder and a small picture frame. I used a 4×6 frame.

Reach for the spray paint and paint the frame and the candlestick holder to match. You can get as creative as you want, so they really don’t “HAVE” to match. Give them plenty of time to dry.

Once dry, get out the hot glue and glue the frame toward the front of the candlestick holder.  Gluing it toward the front gives it a better presentation and makes it a bit more stable. You can pick horizontal or vertical…it’s totally up to you.

Then get busy decorating. You can use sea shells like I did, buttons, fake flowers, let the kids dip their hands and paint and put their finger prints around it. Let your imagination run wild.  Tie a ribbon around the base of the frame (mostly to disguise the glue and ribbons are just pretty).

VOILA!  A super cute, amazingly frugal, picture frame! Give it to Mom for Mother’s Day, make several for a mantel, really the options are endless!


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