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Reduce Your Grocery Bill Without Coupons – Realistic Tips

Stop hemorrhaging money on groceries every month. Reduce your Grocery Bill without coupons using these realistic tips.

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Couponing isn’t what it used to be and with inflation grocery store trips are costing more and more. Here are some realistic ways to reduce your grocery bill without coupons. It may be easier than you think.


Eating seasonally is huge at helping to reduce your grocery bill. Purchasing watermelon in November is going to cost you big bucks. Enjoy the seasonal items while they are at their peek. Not only will the prices be lower but they will be the most flavorful and fresh. If the price is low enough consider grabbing extra for the freezer, canning, etc for the rest of the year.


I know it seems obvious but shop the sales. I do this at more than one store per week when I can. Try to only purchase items that are on sale and stock up on ones that are at their lowest price. Then, try to plan meals around those things. By doing this you are saving money and still feeding your family the things they love.

Rewards Card

Depending on the store you shop at they may have a rewards card or program you can sign up for. These are a great way to get special offers, coupons, or even earn points toward groceries depending on the program. They are amazing to take advantage to help you reduce your grocery bill each month.


Everyone is doing grocery pickup orders, but when you do you miss out on the clearance specials. Hit the grocery store early in the morning and keep your eyes out for clearance stickers. My favorite places are the meat, dairy, bakery, and produce departments. These deep discounts can really help you feed your family for less.

While checking out the clearance consider items that can be frozen to preserve them for even longer. For example, if I found ground beef on clearance I will buy more than I need and freeze the rest when I come home for dinners in the future.


Yes I said it. Get the generic. Grab a bag of Malt o Meal Cereal instead of General Mills. Snag the store brand Mayo instead of the Kraft. These simple changes can add up. The generics may surprise you too!


If there is an Aldi in your area, go now! Aldi is amazing for lower price, real food. The savings are there all the time. I have also found the produce to be better quality because they sell so much do to the lower prices. It’s a win win.

Meal Planning

The old adage time is money is so true! Spending a little bit of time planning your meals for the week can save you big bucks at the store. By eliminating waste and impulse buys you can save big on your weekly bill. Check out these tips for Meal Planning


Starting a garden does not have to be HUGE! Start small with a couple pots on your porch and work your way up as you feel comfortable. Grow one or two items your family uses. Not only is it rewarding but this will help you reduce your food budget.

Think about landscaping your yard with some fruit trees depending on your climate. I love walking outside and being able to pick oranges, or figs when they are in season and it saves me from purchasing them at the store.

Farmers Market

Shop local when possible. Find out if there is a farmers market or fruit stand in your area. These are great places to get more local ingredients, often times for less. Check out the USDA Farmers Market Food Directory to see what’s available in your area.

One Meatless Meal

Try implementing one meatless meal a week. Choose one recipe a week that doesn’t use meat, but instead beans, extra veggies, pasta, etc. By eliminating meat from one meal you are eliminating some of the cost associated. Beans, pasta, etc tend to be lower in price helping your weekly budget. This Bean & Cheese Bake is so good and a perfect option.

Eliminate convenience foods

Skip the microwave meals and make your own meals in bulk.

You don’t realize how much of an uncharge there is on convenience foods until you try to make them yourself. Not only will they be higher quality, but you will get a lot more food for your dollar.

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