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Top 10 Homeschool Must Haves

Just starting out, or a homeschool pro. These are our Top 10 Homeschool Must Haves for a great school year.

Girl with cat on laptop

Whether you chose to homeschool, or you are doing virtual school because of the current state of the world, there are some homeschool must haves that just make life easier. We have been homeschooling (on purpose) for years, and we know a thing or two. LOL This year we are doing 7th and 10th Grade. These are items that have truly made a difference in our school comfort. The Cat is optional.


Girl with headphones and laptop

In this high tech world a computer is turning into a must have. It really packs a punch in the resource department. A good computer with internet access can help with research, assignments, and so much more.

There are a lot of different brands and specs when it comes to technology and there isn’t a wrong choice as long as it works for your family. In our house, we have found that we have less battles if each child has their own laptop to complete work.

We prefer the MacBook Air for the kids. They were an investment, but they have been using them for a few years with no need to upgrade and no problems. My kids use them to type assignments, research, online graphing calculators, and for so much more.

We are also Harry Potter nerds so we put a Niffler on the back. If you have a vinyl machine and would like the niffler cut file, you can find it here.


In the same department as the computer is a printer. We use our computers for a lot of our learning activities, but we still like to have tangible resources. A printer is great for printing worksheets, planners, activities, coloring pages, and so much more. If you will be doing a lot of printing I highly recommend a laser printer. It will save you a TON of money on ink.

Dedicated Work Space

A dedicated work space does not need to be a fancy desk. Each one of my kids workspace can be different depending on the day. For this homeschool must have they just need a space of their own to know it is time to get down to business and with few distractions.

A small desk, kitchen table, bean bag chair; anywhere that is just their little corner while they are focusing on learning.

Comfortable Chair

THIS..THIS is a must for me. Get a comfortable chair. Your child is going to be sitting doing assignments and school work for hours a day. Make sure they have a comfortable supportive chair. It makes a big difference and will help their posture and focus.


Girl with headphones on laptop

The biggest homeschool parenting win is a great pair of wireless headphones for each kid. A good pair of headphones do NOT have to be pricey. These Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are what we are currently using.

They save so many arguments. With everyone listening to lessons, music, videos, etc., it saves my sanity too!

Library Card

Even in a virtual world a library card comes in handy. You can get a card to your local library online and take advantage of all the resources they have to offer.

Most library systems offer e-book rentals, video rentals, and online resources for FREE! This is a no brainer when you are homeschooling. Check with your local library to see what they are currently offering.


Planner pages

Just because you are home doesn’t mean you don’t have to plan. Honestly, keeping a planner has been a life saver for my kids. They can plan assignments, chores, activities, etc. This helps them stay accountable and organized.

There is even a FREE downloadable kids planner right here on A Few Shortcuts so you don’t have to buy anything.

Dry Erase Board

When it comes to homeschool must haves, we are always grabbing for a dry erase board and markers. These are great for working out math problems or practicing spelling. It is nice to have visual reference while learning.

Art Supplies

Colored pencils with coloring sheet

My kids love to doodle. Even in virtual or online classrooms they are required to do some drawing or creative work. Snag some age appropriate art supplies and keep them on hand. During back to school sales you can find several of these marked down to the lowest price of the year. That is the time to stock up!

You can find these free printable coloring page bookmarks that will also come in handy for reading this year right here on A Few Shortcuts.

Paper & Pencil

Some things never change and having some good ole’ paper and pencils is a must for any homeschool. We use these the most out of anything. Plus, don’t forget a pencil sharpener. Don’t go for those cheap-o pencils though. Snag some Ticonderoga Pencils. Yes, name brand. They are one of the few items I recommend name brand for. Its worth it.

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