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7 Cozy Ideas to Decorate for Fall Under $15

It’s almost Spooky Season! Get your home ready! Decorate for Fall with these cute ideas under $15 each.

It is almost time for pumpkin spice lattes, warm colors, crunchy leaves, and Harry Potter marathons.. It is arguably the best time of the year. So, let’s properly welcome autumn by throwing up some cute and affordable decorations! Here are seven different decor options that will help give your home all the cute fall vibes for this season:

DIY Autumn Leaf Garland

Fall Leaf Garland decor on bookshelf
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Garland is such an easy way to bring some cute autumnal vibes into your home. It is also so easy to DIY! All you need is some twine, hot glue, and creativity.

This Autumn Leaves and Acorn Garland by Eliza Darlings is a captivating and affordable option for fall! It has all of the warm autumn colors we love. The leaves with the book pages in the background also bring a cozy element to any room.

Floating Candles

Harry Potter floating candles

These DIY Harry Potter Floating Candles are just the right amount of nerdy. They are nearly effortless to make and bring a little magic to any space! We like hanging them above the kitchen table because they were above the dining hall in the movies. You can also hang them around the TV for the perfect movie marathon ambiance!

Cinnamon Brooms

Cinnamon brooms will be in nearly every supermarket soon! They smell AMAZING and also add a witchy fall vibe to any room. Legend has that they even rid spaces of unwanted negative energy. They are an easy, cute, and affordable option to decorate your space for fall!

Paper Bats

paper bats on mirrored wall
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It’s freakin bats! We love Halloween. 

These DIY Paper Bats by Andi Mans are such a fun and easy craft project! They look so cute, and they are also super affordable and effortless. This would be an excellent project for kids, too! These cute bats are a perfect last-minute Halloween decoration and an adorable way to decorate for fall!

DIY Apothecary Jars

apothecary halloween jars

No one will be able to tell you DIY’d these Halloween apothecary jars! All you need are some empty jars and some little knick-knacks to fill them up with. You can reuse jars you already have and even hit up your local thrift store to see what kind of jars they have available. The free printable labels are equal parts cute and spooky (and free)!

Canning Ring Pumpkins

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These Canning Ring Pumpkins by Down Redbud Drive are beyond adorable! They remind me of something you would see at Pottery Barn or Target, but without the crazy expenses. If you love farmhouse decor, you’ll love this unique and easy craft. I want to decorate with these pumpkins everywhere!

Dried Orange Garland

orange slice garland
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This Dried Orange Garland by The Ginger Home is simple, beautiful, and will make your house smell like oranges. Combined with the cinnamon broom, these would be a winning combination for making your house smell amazing! The garland adds the perfect pop of orange to any space and brings the cozy, earthy fall vibes we all love

Decorating for new seasons is such a fun part of every year. So, even though things are a little more expensive now, I hope these craft projects and ideas inspire you to decorate your home for the fall! 

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