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Simple Fall Flower Wreath

Decorate for Fall with this Simple Fall Flower Wreath Craft

Y’all it doesn’t get much easier than this! This Simple Fall Flower Wreath turns out so cute! It cost me roughly $8 to make….plus I have leftover craft supplies. Most everything was bought at the dollar store too! SCORE! My girls are in love with it. Strangely enough, my son even took the time to tell me it turned out “cool”. Which means I think he likes it. ~giggle~

Simple Fall Flower Wreath-1

You will Need

  • Wreath form ( I used a pool noodle taped together) 🙂
  • Cheap fake flowers from the dollar store
  • Burlap Fabric or ribbon (I got the sparkly kind from Michaels)
  • Hot Glue
  • Matching Ribbon

Simple Fall Flower Wreath-2

I wrapped the burlap around the wreath form and secured it with hot glue. I pulled the flower heads off of the stems and began to hot glue them to the corner of the wreath. You can do it however you choose.

I used the ribbon to make a bow and also as the wreath hanger. Just go to town with the hot glue to secure everything. See I told you it was easy!

Decorate for Fall with this Simple Fall Flower Wreath Craft

You will end up with this beautiful wreath to welcome all of your fall guests! Isn’t it pretty?!

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  1. I love the craft articles. I had to pin the fall wreath on my pinterest page.

    Cute idea to use a noodle, I never thought of that.

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