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Things to Do at Museum of Arts & Sciences – Daytona Beach, Fl

Things to Do at the Museum of Arts & Sciences Daytona Beach Fl

I am so excited to be sharing our adventures! Today the kids and I hit the Museum of Arts & Sciences in Daytona Beach, FL. I will admit. We went in totally blind.  We were up for an adventure but we weren’t sure what to expect.

MOAS 2-1-10

We turned off the main road and went back this winding driveway to this quaint museum.  We walked in and we were greeted by the wonderful desk staff.  We first headed to check out the art. That is my oldest daughters passion. There was a HUGE selection of paintings, furniture, sculptures, and more!  We spent at-least an hour exploring collection from Cuba, China, and the American Revolution.

MOAS 2-1-7

We continued through the museum which has a huge selection of Americana. They even have TRAINS…inside!

MOAS 2-1-2

They also have early race cars and memorabilia.

MOAS 2-1-3

Plus a giant collection of Coca-Cola signs, machines, and more!

MOAS 2-1-5

One of the girls favorite parts….a giant teddy bear collection! Literally, giant teddy bears!

MOAS 2-1-4

And a giant doll house full of teddy bears! How cute is that?

MOAS 2-1-9

We then walked over to the Children’s Section. Talk about a blast. There are a ton of hands-on things for the kids to do!  A bunch of science experiments, displays, even a little pizza parlor to play in.

MOAS 2-1-8

This is a great place to spend a rainy day, and let the kids work off all their energy.

MOAS 2-1-11

And on non-rainy days, head outside because they have an amazing nature trail full of beautiful gardens, educational signs, wildlife, and more!  This crane sculpture made out of a cypress stump was breathtaking you really had to see it in person.

MOAS 2-1-12

If you are in the Daytona Beach I highly recommend stopping into the Museum of Arts & Sciences such a fun way to spend an afternoon!


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