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Why I Wait Until the Day After Christmas to Buy My Ornaments

It has become my annual pilgrimage. Every year on the day after Christmas I go down to the local Hallmark store when it opens. They used to offer 50% off (I hear some still do), mine is now 40% off the day after Christmas.

Our tradition is that each year I get an ornament that has some meaning to the stage of life my kids are in. The ornaments are dated, and I put their initials on the bottom of the box.  When they get older they will have a whole set that tells the story of their lives.   I may have gotten myself a couple this year too…I mean, they are super cute!

While I know I could purchase my ornaments at ANY store and probably get them for less, I love everything about the hallmark ornaments.  I love the wide selection. I love the quality. I love how they seem to come to life in your hand. I love the little boxes.  The only thing I am not so fond of is the price. That is why I love the day after Christmas!

So next year when we open our storage tubs and pull out the little boxes, we go around the tree and talk about years past, about why I chose that ornament for that year, we smile, we laugh, and most importantly we make memories to last a lifetime.  That is worth more than ANYTHING!

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