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DIY Mermaid Wand Kids Craft

Make your little mermaid the wand she deserves with this fun and easy DIY Mermaid Wand Kids Craft! Colorful, sparkly, and beautiful!

DIY mermaid wand

A beach loving girls craft dream come true! This easy to make DIY Mermaid Wand will be a hit! So simple to put together and great as a party favor, or just a rainy day craft. Customize your wand with your favorite colors, or use shells you gathered from a recent beach trip. A great kids craft!



mermaid wand supplies

The wooden star wands were originally found at Hobby Lobby for under $2. I did find some on amazon for a bit more. I also found them at Factory Direct Craft for under $2 but I have never dealt with this company before so I don’t know how they are about shipping, etc.


star wand painted purple

Paint the star wand and shells using the selected color of paint. Allow them to dry completely.

This should not take long. Acrylic paint dries pretty quickly.

sequins glued on star wand

Once the paint is dry, use school glue to attach the sequins to the wood star. Allow it to dry completely before proceeding.

*TIP* Put a bit of school glue on the star and use the paint brush to spread it out. Then place the sequins down before it dries.

seashells glued on star wand

Using hot glue, attach the shells to the star wand.

Mermaid wand kids craft

Cut lengths of ribbon and tie in a knot on the wooden dowel just under the star. Secure with a dot of hot glue.

Your wand is ready for a magical time!

Mermaid Party Ideas

If you are planning a mermaid party these would make an adorable craft and party favors. Plus, here are a few more fun ideas for your party.

You can find a lot of ideas on our Shark Week Page too!

Mermaid Fun

Love mermaids? Check out these fun books and movies that you can enjoy with your new wand.

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