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Copycat Ocean Water Recipe

Make this Copycat Ocean Water Drink for the kids! So much fun to dress it up for a party or just because! Fun for shark week too!

Summer fun is the name of the game and we are living it up right now! I am always looking for ways to make memories that are fun and affordable! Even if it is just something small we try to do something fun and new every day during the summer.  Today’s fun was this Copycat Ocean Water Drink. The kids have gotten ocean water from Sonic before, but it wasn’t quite this dressed up. So much fun to dress it up and make it a little fancier too!

What You Will Need

You will need coconut extract, which sometimes is hard to find at the store. You can always order it from Amazon too.

I also dressed up our Copycat Ocean Water with some of these Swedish Fish & lifesavers candies tied to red bakers string and hung it on a red and white paper straw. We have now gotten where we make this for Shark Week to0! It would be super cute to serve at an ocean themed party and more!

Make this Copycat Ocean Water Drink for the kids! So much fun to dress it up for a party or just because! Fun for shark week too!

Low Sugar/Sugar Free Version

With the abundance of sparkling water flavors available now you can make a low/no-sugar version of Ocean Water. Just use a Lemon Sparkling Water in place of the sprite. Still fun and delicious!

Shark Week Fun

This is perfect for shark week or an ocean party! Check out all of the shark week ideas here on A Few Shortcuts. There are a ton and we are adding more every year!

Copycat Ocean Water

Ocean party, shark week fun, or just because; This copycat ocean water drink is always a hit with any crowd.
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Prep Time:3 minutes
Total Time:3 minutes


  • ½ Tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • ½ teaspoon coconut extract
  • 12 oz Sprite
  • blue food coloring optional


  • Add ½ tablespoon sugar to a small bowl and 1 tablespoon of water.
  • Mix for just a second and pop in the microwave for about 30 seconds- just to dissolve. Set the mixture aside to cool.
  • Fill your glass with ice. Add your 12oz of Sprite to the glass and set aside.
  • Grab your cooled sugar mixture and add ½ teaspoon coconut extract & blue food coloring. Stir.
  • Dump into your glass of Sprite and mix well.
  • You can dress up your Ocean Water with a couple of gummy fish, or a life saver on a string hanging from the straw. It just makes it more fun!

Low Sugar

  • Replace the sprite with a lemon or lime sparkling water instead.
Servings: 1 drink

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