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Mug Cake & Coffee Gift Idea

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of New England Coffee. All opinions are 100% mine.

Coffee & Mug Cake Gift Idea & Keurig Giveaway

During the holidays I like to keep a little something extra on hand for when guests stop by. There really isn’t a better way to put a smile on someone’s face than to give them an unexpected gift. This Coffee & Mug Cake Gift Idea is simple and customizable for anyone on your holiday list!

Coffee & Mug Cake Gift Idea & Keurig Giveaway

A great holiday blend of coffee is a requirement for this gift idea!  Just in time for the holidays, New England Coffee is offering three delicious seasonal flavors – Eggnog, Gingerbread Cookie and Mocha Mint. All are available in 11-oz. bags of ground coffee. They are perfect to grab at your local grocery store or at the New England Coffee Shop and keep on hand for gifts or serving to guests…or BOTH!

Coffee & Mug Cake Gift Idea & Keurig Giveaway

I made this Chocolate Mug Cake Mix before for myself, but it makes a super gift for the Extraordinary people in your life too! Make a full batch and then fill smaller pint size jars with it. You can do several with one batch of mix.

Include one of these cute holiday gift tags and write the directions to mix the cake on the back.

  • 3 TBSP Mix
  • 2 TBSP Coffee (or water)
  • Microwave 1 minute.

Coffee & Mug Cake Gift Idea & Keurig Giveaway

Since this is a chocolate cake mixing it with coffee instead of water is simply just a little bit of heaven! Drizzle it with a little glaze and some crushed peppermint and you really have a yummy treat!

Coffee & Mug Cake Gift Idea & Keurig Giveaway

You can’t enjoy your mug cake without a mug of New England Coffee to go with it. Double mugging it is the way to go!

I really felt like New England Coffee was perfect for this. Not just because of the flavors, but New England Coffee has celebrated 100 years of serving great coffee to extraordinary people with the #YouAreExtraordinary campaign – honoring those who drink and serve New England Coffee. Follow New England Coffee on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with this extraordinary campaign and more!

Coffee & Mug Cake Gift Idea & Keurig Giveaway

Don’t feel like you are stuck with the bagged coffee. From classic blends to seasonal varieties and single serve products, you will enjoy the exceptional taste sip after sip, cup after cup. For more than 100 years New England Coffee has been dedicated to making sure that their passion for coffee matches yours, with consistently delicious coffee.


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  1. My family and I love listening to Christmas music while playing board or card games. We all like to drink coffee or hot cocoa too while playing and eating yummy home made cookies?❤️☕️??

  2. I’m excited to have my girls home from NC for the holidays and would love this giveaway to make my newly painted and freshened guest room even more personalized. As for New England coffee, love it and can’t wait to try gingerbread. We will do lots of traditional holiday activities from baking to wrapping gifts for adopted family.

  3. I am planning on spending alot of time resting and alot of time with family drinking hot chocolate and watching christmas movies.

  4. As always I plan to get together with family and friends this holiday season to eat great food, drink great coffee and open lots of present! 🙂
    Oh and watch A Christmas Story of course!

  5. Can’t wait to spend the holidays with everyone in the family. Especially spending time with my mamaw Hazel that is 101 years old- a very spry one too.

  6. One thing we always do over the holidays is help out one afternoon at a homeless shelter. The rest of the time, we will be cooking, baking and enjoying family and friends.

  7. My two grown daughters and their spouses willboth be coming home for two weeks this year. It will be great for this mom.

  8. My nephew just turned 2 this year so Christmas day will be super fun this year. He is at that age where everything now is exciting. I can’t wait. My family will all meet at my parents for lunch and the open the gifts Santa has left for us.

  9. I plan on spending Thanksgiving with my son, daughter, and Dad and brothers and sisters this year. There will be so many cousins and friends at the Holiday party. It will be a great time!

  10. We celebrate when our extended family members come to town. We always ride through the parade of lights at the county park. We go to the movies, have a meal or two out, and spend a lot of our time just being together.

  11. I plan on celebrating the holiday season with my sons. We will go to our local festival of lights and winter carnival to celebrate the season.

  12. I always have the family over at noon on Christmas Day for a big breakfast before we open our gifts. Then it’s time to clean up the mess that the mess!

  13. We get to celebrate with both sets of grandparents. One on Christmas Eve and the other on Christmas Day. We open presents as a family Christmas morning at home then go to church.

  14. I am planning some Xmas stuff to do with my 4 year old granddaughter. Bake some cookies, help her shop for her mom & dad, make some decorations & maybe go to the movies.

  15. I plan on celebrating this year on Christmas by going to my parents house for a nice dinner. We then take a ride around town looking at all the beautiful houses lit up and decorated for the holidays.

  16. I celebrate the holidays with my family and friends, they’re the extraordinary people in my life who I want to be with! We always have a big family dinner and play games as a family.

  17. We open one gift the night before. the kids always get a pair of pj’s and a book. In the morning, we have coffee and cinnamon rolls while we open gifts. Then it’s church and watch football and lounge around.

  18. Spending the holidays with my incredible kids ?
    All the magic and imagination of 2, 5 and 10 year old hearts and minds! So much fun?

  19. We celebrate with decorating gingerbread houses or log cabins, having family dinner, going to a walking Light Display.

  20. Every year we get together to make old fashioned candy. It started as my grandmother’s tradition (she’d make SO much and foist trays of candy on everyone!), but my mother and I continue it now that she’s gone 🙂

  21. I’m planning on celebrating with my family early on December 10th! We are all meeting at my Aunt’s house for a huge feast and presents. I’m making homemade fudge and cookies and I can’t wait to see the children open gifts. Then on Christmas Eve, my husband and I will go to his Mother’s house and we’ll have a wonderful family get together there. Lot’s of eating and gifts being exchanged there too. On actual Christmas Day, my husband and I will spend our first year celebrating it at home. It will be nice just relaxing and spending the day together with no distractions. We’ll light the fireplace, play some Christmas music, exchange our gifts, and probably watch a few holiday movies. I’m so excited to celebrate this season 🙂

  22. First of all let me just point out how great this idea is of a mug cake in a cup!!! And eggnog? Oh man my biggest weakness during these last couple months when they bring eggnog out!!
    This year I had to take personal time off for Christmas Eve. My job is a 24 hour working place. Lucky me I work the morning shift. So I am very thankful to have been able to take the 23-24th off to celebrate Christmas a little early with both sides of our family. Mine and my hubbys. Sometimes we have to celebrate holidays sooner because of the type of job I have but it all works out just fine. And I’m happy just with that.

  23. Most of our holiday celebrations with friends and family include eating somewhere, either at our home or at a restaurant! A great cup of coffee to top it off would be fabulous!

  24. Amanda- you are the best! Thanks for the giveaway. I hope to spend time with the special people in life. I hope to give the gift of time and experiences rather than things. ?

  25. Baking and making holiday goodies, watching Christmas movies , going to holiday gatherings all with my family.
    Talking on the phone with my family from Denmark,since we will not be able to spend the holidays with them.

  26. We’re starting off the holiday season with a bang… my hubby & I are taking the kids into NYC to see the Rockettes! Then we’ll spend a quiet Christmas day here. Then go up to New England to spend time with our families!

  27. Gathering around the tree, watching Christmas movies and enjoying hot tea, coffee or cocoa with lots of Christmas sweets.

  28. Will be spending time watching reruns of Christmas parades and Christmas shows & of course lots of eating and football.

  29. Both my husband and i have a lot of extended family with lots of different work schedules, so we celebrate Christmas several times throughout December, We meet up with relatives throughout the month and have lunch, dinner, dessert – whatever works – and exchange gifts. Christmas morning is reserved for our little family of 5, with a pastry breakfast and coffee/hot chocolate, our own traditions and creating memories. Our December is basically planned around food and family, lol.

  30. My children and I became homeless this past September. We lost everything we own due to unethical business practices (not our own) beyond our control. I plan on making this Christmas as special as I can for my kids, and they are going to remember nothing but happiness from the Christmas of 2016. We don’t have a tree, but it’s the small, simple loving gestures that are making a diffence.

  31. We all still get together at my Mothers house for a late lunch together. We open presents, eat, read the Christmas story from the Bible together and then we always have a Nerf gun war. It’s weird but it’s our tradition. 🙂

  32. This Christmas will be surrounded by family and will be a tough one — the first one without my husband who passed away earlier this year. We will have lunch, open up presents and play games. Would love to win. Thanks for the fun giveaway.l

  33. The holiday will be spent with friends and family from far and near. Holidays means laughter, lights, decorations, a warm heart, a warm home, good food, great table settings, wonderful music, delicious cookies from old family favorites to new temptations, warm seasonal coffees and tea, and a whole lot of love. This is my recipe for a perfect Christmas!

  34. We usually spend the holidays with family and friends, however, we just moved across country away from our loved ones. So, we’ll be celebrating this holiday season by making new memories together in San Francisco!

  35. I will be at home for Christmas for the first time in years. I am looking forward to celebrating with my husband and twin two year olds!

  36. We will celebrate by taking in everything the Christmas season has to offer with our four kids who make it so special for us!!

  37. Half of our family lives on the east coast and the other half lives on the west coast. This year we’re doing our family christmas reunion on the west coast!

  38. We always do a gift exchange exchange with our neighbors, a huge progressive throughout the neighborhood and a huge party. With family, we play games, eat tons of food, watch Christmas movies and just spend time together 

  39. We love watching holiday movies, listening to Christmas music and reminisce on the past and look to see what the future holds. It’s a huge party at my house!

  40. We are throwing a huge party like we do every year! I’m just going to make sure that I really enjoy each moment and not worry about the little things this year

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