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Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

A great cup of Cocoa is only a few minutes away! Try this delicious and simple Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe. Perfect way to warm up!
Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix

I love making my own Hot Cocoa Mix but I know that not everyone can enjoy it! Being a mom of kids with food allergies, I try to come up with easy to make substitutions. This Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix is just as delicious as the original with NONE of the dairy, making this super friendly for just about anyone to enjoy! Try this easy recipe and warm up with a cup of Hot Chocolate anytime you wish.

Dairy Free/Vegan Difference

Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix

I am asked is there a difference between Dairy Free & Vegan all the time.

YES, there is.

Dairy free is just that. The food is free of any dairy or milk products. Vegan, is free of ANY animal products, including milk. So you will see a lot of Dairy Free people looking for Vegan products because if it is vegan it is dairy free.

Vegan Marshmallows

Before someone yells at me and says, “Hey Amanda, marshmallows aren’t vegan!”  Yes,  I know. You can choose to omit the marshmallows OR there are actually vegan marshmallows! I am sure places like Whole Foods and Trader Joes carry them in stores, but you can also order them straight from Amazon.

Where to Buy Vegan Powdered Milk

I found this Coconut Milk Powder at Whole Foods last week for only about $2.50 a bag. I KNEW I had to get it for cocoa mix. They do make other types of VEGAN milk powder. If you aren’t a coconut fan, it is ok.  A quick search on amazon for Vegan Milk Powder turns up other coconut milk brands, soy, and rice.

Still can’t find it? The other option is making the Hot Chocolate Mix but omitting the milk powder all together. When you go to make your Hot Chocolate add the mix to a cup of hot milk substitute instead of hot water. It is a great way to work around the vegan milk powder if you can’t find it.

How to Make Vegan Hot Chocolate

Heat about 6 – 8 oz of water in a mug. Start by mixing in 3-4 tablespoonfuls of Hot Chocolate Mix into the hot water and stirring. Give your cocoa a taste. Everyone likes their Hot Chocolate a little different. Feel free to add more mix and give it a stir. One of these milk frothers is perfect for making smooth, delicious Hot Chocolate from a mix.

Give as a Gift

Mix up a batch or two of this tasty Vegan Hot Chocolate and put it in a cute jar, or mason jar. Tie it up with a piece of ribbon, add a mug, or an adorable wooden spoon and you have a great gift for anyone for the holidays!

This is also so much fun to fill up these Snow Globe Mason Jars too!

Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Prep Time:5 minutes
Total Time:5 minutes



  • Mix all the ingredients well. Place in airtight container.

To Make Hot Chocolate

  • Fill mug 1/2 full with hot water (about 6 oz) and add 3-4 tbsp of mix. Add more mix if desired for best taste. Stir and enjoy.
Author: Amanda Carlisle

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