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Dirt Pudding

Spring is here!  Earth Day is this week!  Plus, I just wanted Chocolate! 🙂  So shoot me!

Just kidding, I sat to think what would be an appropriate “Snack”urday this week and this came to mind!  My kids love it! I had to make a couple adjustments for dairy free and gluten free versions, they are listed below the recipe.

This makes a perfect snack/dessert for the kids this week because Earth day is coming up!  What better way to celebrate the Earth than to eat a little piece of it!  This is also an amazing treat for any parties coming up! I served this at my daughter’s birthday one year and it was a huge hit!

Let’s be honest, Pudding, Oreos, gummy worms…you can’t go wrong!

Dirt Pudding

Dirt Pudding Printable Version

  • 1 package chocolate instant pudding mix
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 small container Cool Whip topping, thawed
  • 1 pkg Oreo cookies (crushed)
  • 1 package gummy worms


Mix pudding mix and milk.  Whisk together well!

Whisk in about ¾ of the tub of cool whip; about 6 oz.

Then stir in about 1 ½ cups crushed Oreos.

You can crush in a bag and get some frustration out, but the easiest is a food processor!

You can now scoop pudding mixture into individual serving cups, or 1 large serving bowl (see suggestions).

Top with remaining cookie crumbs to make it look like dirt.

Add Gummy worms, artificial flowers, or live edible flowers to decorate!

Refrigerate at least 10 minutes before serving!

Dig in!

TIPS and Suggestions!

  • Dairy free: Use Dairy Free chocolate pudding, and omit cool whip.
Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding from Publix (it's really good!)
Finished dairy free cup
  • Gluten Free: Use a Gluten Free Oreo like Kinnitoos by Kinnikinnick
Finished Gluten Free's for a boy.
  • Serve these for a garden themed birthday party: Purchase a large flower pot.  Line with colorful plastic wrap.  Fill with pudding. Top with cookie crumbs.  Insert a large artificial flower. Serve with a new CLEAN garden trowel. TOO CUTE!
  • Use edible flowers to decorate!  Pansies are edible! Just wash well!
  • Great for snack for school, Earth Day, spring, or just for fun!

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