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Shortcut Cinnamon Biscuits

It is hard to appease the kids when they want Cinnamon Rolls.  I can’t just pop a can open or pick up a batch from the bakery.  These darn food allergies!  We have found one brand that is gluten free and dairy free but they are also about $6.50 for 4.  Yep, that puts a dent in my budget.

After some brain storming and staring at my newly found collection of GF Bisquick….inspiration struck! I know what I am going to make today!



  • Gluten free- Use Gluten free bisquick for great results
  • Dairy Free- Use margarine and Almond milk to mix biscuits.  Make a simple icing with powdered sugar, margarine, and almond milk
  • You can line the muffin pans with paper liners if you don’t want to mess with the mess.
  • Bake these as a base for a fab dessert with ice cream. YUM!

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  1. What a nice treat!

    The basic directions do not state when to add the melted butter.

    The icing directions do not state when to add the icing. Do you apply when warm or just drizzle it on? Guess it could be to taste.


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