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Free Princess & The Frog Cut File – Wish Upon a Star

You’re Never too old to wish upon a star! Download this free Princess & the Frog Cut File for your vinyl cutter or other craft projects.

Princess & the Frog Cut File

We are planing our trip to Disney World and I told the kids I would make them a shirt if they wanted. The girls love looking for ideas on Pinterest & Etsy to create their own designs. My youngest daughter is a HUGE Princess & The Frog fan! We knew her shirt was going to have something to do with the movie, but it needed to be a little less princess-y because she is Eleven. I got my creative juices flowing and creating this Princess & The Frog Cut file that says “You’re NEVER to old to wish upon a star”.

Vinyl Cutter Tips

You're Never too old to wish upon a star

If I had to rate myself, I would consider my self a vinyl cutting novice. I love to craft in my spare time, but I don’t have the biggest & best machine. I currently have a Silhouette Portrait which truly is plenty of vinyl cutting machine for me. I do have my eyes on the new Silhouette Cameo 4 coming out; Maybe for Christmas.

I think that all of the vinyl cutters on the market are fairly comparable. Some may argue otherwise. They each have their pluses and minuses and the internet is full of opinions. For me, I prefer Silhouette products.

Some of my favorite tips to make sure your project comes out the way you want

  • Measure Twice, Cut Once. Make sure you measure how big you want your design before you cut it out and make sure it is accurate so you aren’t wasting your vinyl.
  • Sharp Blade and Fresh Mat. Check your blade for sharpness and make sure your mat can hold your vinyl securely before cutting. These two things can prevent your cuts from coming out perfectly.
  • Do a test cut. All machines have a test cut setting. USE IT! This will help you see if your blade depth is set properly before you start.

Heat Transfer Cutting Tips

Silhouette design

Heat Transfer Vinyl is so much fun to work with. When you are cutting out a vinyl design in heat transfer vinyl make sure you create a mirror image. You can read all about cutting out Heat Transfer Vinyl and how to make a custom shirt right here.

There are also different types of Heat Transfer Vinyl. Make sure you are using the correct settings and pressure when you are ironing on your design. You can get great results with an everyday iron, just like you can a heat press. You can find the correct settings for HTV and your machine in these easy to read charts.

Where to Buy Vinyl


I made the mistake of going to Michaels for vinyl the other day. After I saw the quality of the products and the prices I just walked out. I have gotten spoiled over the years learning the best online businesses to purchase from and Expressions Vinyl is one of them.

Not only do they have the biggest selection and best prices around, but their turn around time is crazy fast. They are based in Idaho, and I had my order in Florida in 2 days. 2!!

Design Info

Princess & the frog shirt

I created this design myself on Adobe Illustrator. I used King Basil Lite Font and Bondoni 72 Font. If you were wanting to add to the design or customize it more both of these fonts are free to download online.

The vinyl I used for my daughter’s shirt is listed below. You can of course choose any vinyl or colors you want, but if you are wanting to recreate my design, this is what I used.

Also you can purchase these blank t-shirts from just about anywhere. We found this purple one at Michaels, but when you are using HTV, you can iron on just about anything.

Download Princess & The Frog Cut File

Free Download

Click the button below to download the princess & the frog cut file

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