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DIY Washcloth Reindeer – Easy Christmas Craft

A quick and easy DIY project with a washcloth and a bar of soap. Turn them into a magical DIY Washcloth Reindeer. A fun easy Christmas craft!

These just make me so happy. Maybe it is because they are so easy to make, or maybe it is because they make kids smile. Either way, these Simple DIY Washcloth Reindeer are a must if you have kids around this Christmas!



Craft Supplies

Lay washcloth flat on the table with one corner facing up like a diamond.

Place a bar of soap directly in the center.

Fold the bottom of the washcloth over the bar of soap and toward the top. Now, roll the washcloth from the top toward the bar gathering it with your hands.

Carefully bring in the left and right side and gather them on the top of the bar of soap. Secure the washcloth with the rubber band. Gently pull the two end of the washcloth to create ears.

Now wrap the brown pipe cleaner around where the rubber band is to create antlers. Bend it as needed.

Hot glue or fabric glue on the googly eyes and red pom-pom nose.

Tie a small piece of ribbon around the rubber band for decoration.

Washcloth reindeer



Easy Washcloth reindeer

Now that you have made a washcloth reindeer, what do you do with it? I am glad you asked. These are a fun craft project for little kids to make on their own for decoration. They can then enjoy it for bath time.

These also make great stocking stuffers, or just something fun to have on hand if you have family with little ones coming to stay for the holidays.

Bath time is always more fun for kids when there is something new and exciting to enjoy like one of these washcloth reindeer.

Does it have to be soap?

NO, it doesn’t. You can use any small box or another rectangular item to help you create your reindeer. Which means, this is a really fun way to wrap small gifts for Christmas!

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