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FREE “You Are My Lucky Charm” Snack Printable


I love doing fun stuff for my kids for different holidays. These "You are My Lucky Charm" snacks are just too fun not to share! I don't buy Lucky Charms often, but I splurge for St Patrick's Day.  Since my son is gluten free I buy the cereal … Read The Short Cut

Rainbow Waffles


These just bring a smile to your face. Who doesn't love waffles? And then, turn them into a rainbow. Well that just makes them the most awesome waffles EVER! How cute are these Rainbow Waffles? They are super easy to make too! I just used my … Read The Short Cut

Shamrock Tortilla Chips


The kids and I were at Target the other day and found a big pack of Green Flour Tortillas. "How cool would those be for St Patricks Day?", one of them said.  That really got me thinking. They WOULD be awesome! So we bought a pack and turned them into … Read The Short Cut